Bio Premium Down Pillow

Product information "Bio Premium Down Pillow"
Our premium down pillow hugs your head softly and cuddly.
Your spine is correctly positioned.
Manufactured with naturally treated fabric.
Corner: Safety-stitch inside
Fabric: Mako-Percale
Fabric Color: Nature
Fabric Equipment: Hydrophilic
Fabric Material: 100% Cotton
Filling: Goosedown
Fillpower: 600 cuin
Origin: Made in Germany
Pillow Size: 40/60cm
Washability: 60°C, tumblingresistant

We are manufacturer

All bedding items are produced by Mühldorfer, in Bavaria. Shall your required size not be in the list, we appreciate your contact to produce it specially for you: Contact us

Feathers and down

Our fillings are cleaned, washed and refined in pure spring water from the Bavarian Forest. As a result, we far exceed the strict international standards, especially with regard to cleanliness and purity.

All of our fillings made of feathers and down achieve a cloudiness > 1000mm and are therefore cleaner than the norm.

They also achieve an oxygen number <1.5, which means hypoallergenic properties with regard to house dust allergy.

We guarantee that our products are odorless.


You can achieve perfect and permanent hygiene through regular cleaning. You can wash this product in your washing machine at home.

Please use our down detergent and select a program that does not spin. Maximum temperature 60 ° C, but you can already neutralize bacteria at temperatures above 38 ° C. Then put the product in your dryer and select the coolest program. Dry until any moisture inside has dried off.

Of course, we would also be happy to do the cleaning for you as an alternative. Please contact us and we will determine the most efficient way to do this.

Family business since 1919

We have been producing our bedding in the Bavarian Forest for over 100 years. We would be happy to invite you to watch the production of your bed. Our team of experienced professionals knows their craft and uses their skills every day and for every piece.

This is craftsmanship in practice for a good night's sleep.