Mühldorfer Eiderdown

The smoothest Touch

Put eider down on the palm of your hand and, other than gentle warmth that exactly reflects your own body temperature, you will scarcely feel a thing. So soft, so light and so sensuous is the down of the eider duck.

The wild eider duck is a protected species around the world. It lives in Polar Regions and to protect itself against the harsh climate, it has developed particularly fine chest feathers. It is with these that the eider duck lines its nest. Its eggs lie snug and safe in this unparalleled bed of down. The duck leaves the incubation of the eggs to the down, which preserves and maintains the temperature of the eggs with 100% accuracy. After the chicks hatch, the “harvest” begins.

With painstaking attention to detail, the eider down feathers scattered by the wind & weather in the area surrounding the nests are gathered by the farmers. They are dried, cleaned without using any chemicals and then at Mühldorfer they are once more washed by hand in crystal-clear, naturally soft mountain spring water. The naturally brown eider down feathers are particularly large and still virtually weightless – one feather only weighs 0.001g. The countless tiny filaments ensure that down feathers hang together like a fine fleece.

No filling in the world outperforms eider down for softness and elasticity, ventilated heat retention and extreme lightness. In the processing of the eider down into high-grade quilts at the Mühldorfer factory, the handpicked down is packed into the finest 100% cotton Mako-Batist covers. 250 meters of this quality yarn only weigh 1 gram.

In these luxurious beds you are guaranteed optimal comfort when sleeping, total rest and an inimitable sense of security. No chills, no sweats. The sleeper lies relaxed in the sanctuary of their bed, where the temperature matches their own body temperature of around 36º.

Pure natural luxury. Extraordinary sleeping comfort. Mühldorfer eider down beds - for nights you dream of.