Since founded in 1919 many things remained unchanged: Deep rootedness in society commutes us to long-term acting.
For our team, for our environment, for our future. 

Other things did change: Higher efficiency in energy consumption, environmental friendly production processes, better materials.
We keep the speed and develop ourselves, to even expand our commitment in the future. 

Connecting this is thriving us. 

Elisabeth Hintermann, Anselm Hintermann, Maximiliana Pangerl

Our promise to full sustainability

Natural raw materials

Cotton, feathers and down, are natural products that can be reused. So the raw material circle is natural continuous. 

Long usability

Due to the excellent washability of our products the raw materials in our procucts can be used for a long time. This saves resources and the environment.


You have the possibility of having your own bed refurbished with us. In this way, you can significantly extend the life of the raw materials used and your beloved products. 


Long ways of transportation do cost resources, a lot of time and pollute the climate. We produce all of our items in the Bavarian Forest. Regional supply chains with our suppliers strengthen our economy, our region and our living space. Above all, it is the people here in the Bavarian Forest and the established structures that ultimately made the company's global success possible. In this way we can give back a piece of our success to the region to which we see ourselves closely connected.

Vertical production

Because we do the entire production ourselves, we can fully steer all production and delivery cycles. Fair wages, fair social benefits, use of resources and environmental protection are not words, but deeds.

Thing global, act local

As a long-standing family company in the 5th generation, we understand "responsibility" to mean more than plans, visions and concepts. We act. Every day.  According to the motto "Think global, act local". Our company is expanding locally bit by bit and is committed to both the community in Haidmühle and the region as a down-to-earth employer who knows what treasure he keeps in his employees.