Mühldorfer Neck-Supporting-Pillow


Product number: NKSEN
Product information "Mühldorfer Neck-Supporting-Pillow"
Perfect support for your neck. The Mühldorfer Conform Neck-Supporting-Pillow takes care for relaxing support of your cervical vertebrae and takes the preassure from it. Due to the soft and sensible top material, particularely sensitive areas are reliefed from preassure through the weight of your head. 
Available with core material made from natural latex Active- or Hybrid-gel-foam. The properties are almost equal, whereas latex is a bit more sensitive, gel-foams are suitable for people with latex allergy. We absolutely recommend our matching protective cover from cotton, to reduce nessecary, to the material stressful, washing cycles. The core itself is not washable and shall be exchanged regularely, every 2-4 years.

Each Variant comes with two extra layers which allow adjusting the perfect height.

(beige filling)
(blue marbled filling)
(green filling)
Extraordinary adoptable to the finest structure of your anatomy, Natural Latex flatters your head and supports like a cloud. Sensitive and sensible, Active-Gel-Foam cuddles the structural anatomy of your face.
Strong support for strong heads and successful days.
Density-number 50Density-number 55

How to adjust the height:
When laying on the side, your spine, up to the top end, shall be in one straight line. To achieve this, adjust the height of your Neck-Supporting-Pillow with the two included extra layers.
Closure Type: With zip
Fabric: Tencel double cloth with climate band
Fabric Color: White
Fillpower: RG 50
Material: Aktivschaum
Modell: Refresh-Sensitiv
Origin: Made in Germany
Pillow Size: 30/60cm